I was one of Eoins first customers and have recommended him to several satisfied customers. Not only did he take excellent care of my garden but he has been wonderful to work with personally. Thanks!

- Mary McCulloch Perth

Red hackle took my garden from a mess to a little piece of paradise.My garden is a place i love to sit and enjoy having people over for a barbeque in the block paved area you created.Thanks!

- Terri Muirhead Letham

RHMS has been fantastic. They listen and understand your vision and dreams for your garden, especially when you cannot tackle everything at one time. They walk with you on your garden journey and advise priorities. It's been a great partnership with a talented, professional, dedicated person.

- Dominic Joyce Glenisla

During the past year, Red hackle has completely relandscaped our lawn and gardens, including correcting drainage problems. We have been satisfied with the work and would recommend them to anyone who wants to have a beautiful garden.

- Andy Peterson Aberdour


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