I was one of Eoins first customers and have recommended him to several satisfied customers. Not only did he take excellent care of my garden but he has been wonderful to work with personally. Thanks!

- Mary McCulloch Perth

Red hackle took my garden from a mess to a little piece of paradise.My garden is a place i love to sit and enjoy having people over for a barbeque in the block paved area you created.Thanks!

- Terri Muirhead Letham

RHMS has been fantastic. They listen and understand your vision and dreams for your garden, especially when you cannot tackle everything at one time. They walk with you on your garden journey and advise priorities. It's been a great partnership with a talented, professional, dedicated person.

- Dominic Joyce Glenisla

During the past year, Red hackle has completely relandscaped our lawn and gardens, including correcting drainage problems. We have been satisfied with the work and would recommend them to anyone who wants to have a beautiful garden.

- Andy Peterson Aberdour

Gardener in St Fillans

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Garden design in St Fillans and finding the right gardener in St Fillans to help!


When you look at your house’s front lawn, do you feel there’s anything you or perhaps a gardner in St Fillans could change in your garden to make it more appealing?  Perhaps you feel your grass isn’t as healthy as you’d like it to be or you feel there should be more shrubs or trees around the front of your house to make it look more naturally beautiful in its surroundings. Or maybe you would like to fix up your driveway as it may be leaving an unattractive scar on the landscape surrounding your home. Here’s a landscaping tip when it comes to improve the front of your home:
One important landscaping tip to improve your front lawn and your driveway is by adding some very creative visual designs to the sides of your driveway such as a fence or rock garden. Another great idea for improving the look of your front lawn is to include a footpath to your home. If you’re sick and tired of people trampling over your lawn and ruining your plants, consider placing a footpath that’s outside of the way where normal foot traffic is present.
Note that this particular tip doesn’t include you putting together a large budget. Surprisingly, you can put together a very attractive softscape or hardscape design with a rather small landscaping budget. Performing landscaping around the sides of your driveway is a very cost-effective way to brightening up its appearance using only softscape fixtures. If you decide to use hardscape fixtures, keep in mind that it may not be as cost-effective as going through softscape route, but it will certainly help to aid the appearance of your driveway and front lawn by adding a fence or possibly even some grasses and small flowers to increase the appearance. Before you know it, you will have an attractive and far more appealing front lawn and driveway by giving it some colour, depth and character.


St Fillans garden design tips.

gardener in St Fillans

gardener in St Fillans


Most people who are interested in landscaping only look at the back of the house, or the large garden areas. What about putting some time and money into landscaping your driveway. The driveway if more often than not, the most neglected part of our outdoor areas. So, how exactly can you landscape your driveway?

The first thing to remember is that you are not actually changing the driveway itself. You are focusing on the areas around the driveway such as either side of the drive, little garden areas or pathways that may be around the drive. You can change your driveway from a dull tarmac sight to a fresh, vibrant and colourful area of your outdoor area.
The great thing about adding a little landscaping to your driveway is that it is relatively cheap and fairly low maintenance. You can be as creative and as bold as you want to and make your driveway fit in with the rest of your landscaping outside.
Like with any form of landscaping, you need to make a plan. Look at your driveway and figure out what the elements surrounding it are. For example, will a flower, plant, bush or tree at the end of the driveway near the road be picked, pulled and broken by other people in the neighbourhood? Is there a possibility of something being knocked over by the cars using the driveway? Is anything likely to be trampled on?
Instead of putting a bush or a tree that can be ruined by passersby at the bottom of the drive, why not use a pretty fence or a stone wall instead. You can always put the flowers and bushes, etc closer to the house, so then they are not at risk of vandalism. Be careful not to put them in front of any windows so they block any light going into the house.
The footpath is an important part of any driveway, so be careful not to clutter it up with ornaments and plants. The eventuality of these being broken further down the line is high, so keep things off the actual footpath. Keep them on the side of the footpath, but not too close so they are trampled on or kicked over!
You can use hardscape landscaping ideas to really make your driveway special. These hardscape options are things such as fences and walls. They can make your driveway distinctive and compliment your driveway. Add stones or a rock garden and have wild flowers growing within it. See where the driveway has cracks in it? If you do, why not add some wild flower seeds down the crack to allow them to grow within the cracks. If you do this, make sure they won’t be in anyone’s way!
Softscaping ideas will include such things as plants, ornamental trees, water features and so on. These can add a wonderfully sublime touch to an otherwise dull and boring outside area! Add shrubs to your driveway to accent the colours and set it apart from the rest.
Anyone who has ever spent any time working in the garden knows that gardening and landscaping go hand in hand. However, it takes a bit more skill to get a proper balance of them in your yard. Gardening typically refers to planting flowers and plants in an attractive manner. On the other hand, landscaping encompasses a wide variety of different techniques. One thing to remember is that the sky is the limit when it comes to beautifying your lawn.
The most common form of gardening is achieved through a flower garden. This simply means having a variety of different flowers that are planted in one general area. But you can incorporate some landscaping tools to make your garden even more attractive. The simple addition of a few strategically placed stones will give you a more unique look for your garden. If you live in the forest, you will most likely be able to find suitable stones. If you are a city dweller, then you may have to look a bit harder. However any gardening store will have different stones for you to choose from.
If you have a nice tree in your garden, then you can build a small wall around the base of it. This can be used as a garden and will accentuate the beauty of the tree at the same time. If you have some landscaping experience, you should be able to do this yourself. However, less experienced people may wish to hire a professional.
Gardening and landscaping can be a great way to get exercise and fresh air while increasing the value of your home. Many people find it to be an incredibly enjoyable process and the options are endless. There are countless magazine and websites that can help you turn your yard into a personal sanctuary.
Choosing the right gardener in St Fillans We can help..


People today that own homes or are property managers have the task of land maintenance or development. Also not all of these people have the skills or tools to perform landscaping operations and thus resort to landscaping services. Although many services are out there to choose from, can you be sure of which service you should choose for the job? That’s an interesting question almost everyone asks themselves before committing to hiring a contractor, but do most know how to choose a well-established landscaping service? Some would think they are choosing a good service, but in actuality are not.

Landscaping services should always have one thing you should ask to see at all times – personal references and a portfolio of projects they can show a client to have proof of the kind of work they and their staff are capable of. A lot of people walk into any landscaping or construction project with having absolutely no idea about the company they are about to deal with. That is an extremely bad practice.
Though most companies appear professional, pictures can lie. That is why it is so important you ask the contractor questions as well as seeing visual proof for yourself. A lot of people would consider this foolish – a company wouldn’t be one if they weren’t good at what they did right? Wrong! It isn’t a good idea to think like that. It can land you in a world of trouble resulting in a permanent mistake, which is non correctable. That’s why it is also important to make sure the landscaping services you get are guaranteed. It is best to ask around, check out the business or company you’ll be receiving services from, get feedback about them and when you have enough information from a few or several companies, make your decision. There’s a big difference between getting the job done right the first time for a fee and spending £5,000 for a job, taking a loss on poor workmanship and then later on forking out £15,000 to clean up a mess all to get the job done properly.
While customizing property it is possible and sometimes common to have complications and run into landscaping problems. At times things such as tree roots; underground boulders or extremely hard clay or dirt can turn one of the simplest landscaping jobs into one of your worst landscaping nightmares. Sometimes simple things like an underground water spring can complicate things extremely. Landscaping problems don’t always arise from the land or its’ layout, but rather from workmanship and bad or incorrect materials for the job.
So, what kinds of things can be done to cut landscaping problems to a minimal? One important thing to remember before starting any landscaping project is safety! Even though some of the tools used for landscaping pose little threat, even the simplest of tools can become the most dangerous and life threatening. This means you should always wear any protective gear the job might require and as well take precautions that you are carrying out tasks with your tools in a proper and safe manner. This also should apply to any machinery you may operate during the landscaping process.
Sometimes while landscaping you can run into problems like water or gas lines underground. The best solution is to work a way around them safely and contact the correct people to assess the landscape and any potential hazards that could arise by working near or around them. If you do happen to foolishly break a water or gas main underground you should immediately contact the company responsible for their operation. They will likely advise you of the correct safety procedures until a repair crew or such arrives.
Another thing that can cause landscaping problems is poor material for the landscaping project. Remember you get what you pay for so when choosing materials don’t skip out and necessarily go with the cheapest thing you can think you’re saving a buck. Some products for landscaping can break down over short time and others may last longer. Always get advice on what is best to use when landscaping. It will help better your decision in a positive direction.